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Are you in search of mouthwatering food photography that pops off the plate? Perhaps you are looking for innovative recipes to feature your product and build brand awareness to your audience.  Or maybe you have recipes but need captivating photos to accompany them on your website.

As a passionate food photographer, food stylist and recipe developer, I am available to help you with all your needs and would bring enthusiasm to each and every project!


  • food photography

  • food styling

  • recipe development

  • recipe testing

  • editorial content

  • sponsored content and brand ambassadorship on my blog

This is a selection of opportunities that I can assist you with but I am more than happy to help customize a plan that suits your needs.  I am available to work locally within the New York City metro area, as well as my equipped home studio.  I am also available for large scale cooking production or catering in my commercial kitchen space for any corporate events you are looking to host. 


Please contact me to discuss your project! 

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